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Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class|Denver, CO|Boca Raton, FL|Naperville, IL

Summer Camp: Denver 2013


*Each Student who Enrolls in Summer Camp is Guaranteed a part in the Summer Production,
and Auditions are done on Day 1 of Camp (or by video if student has school on June 5th);
Auditions are not scheduled earlier in the season or at another time before camp begins.
We have everything planned for your child's summer:
All you need to do is enroll & show up!

Nothing Competes with Quality

Ages: 5 to 18

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          This will be our 11th year of hosting the best performing arts Summer Camps.  RMCT has created a successful and powerful environment in which young actors can flourish in the Rocky Mountain region, and we are excited to be invited to host our 5th season in Florida at Boca Raton's phenomenal venue of Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.  We look forward to inspiring the youth of South Florida with our unique brand of performance training.  Camp with RMCT is a brilliant alternative to day care, one-week camps or multi-focus camps without a culmination of experience to celebrate your child's accomplishments, and we are also a price-effective option for parents who wish to keep their kids local without sacrificing quality of training and exposure to seasoned, professional instructors.  It will be an amazing time full of fun and learning experiences for your kids. Our program is designed to provide youth with a place to nurture their creative instinct and develop a connection to the stage and camera, while being guided by RMCT Founder & Artistic Director Anthony Hubert, and along with his exciting, young company of professional actors and directors. Your children will showcase and improve their talents as they enjoy the summer with us at the prestigious Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.  Kids love our fun & highly-skilled staff!


          2017 CAMP DATES

          There will be two Summer Camp sessions, each will be three weeks in length, Monday to Friday. Students can sign up for one session, or for both sessions. There is a discounted tuition price for students who register for both sessions.
          The dates of each session are as follows:
          **NO CAMP: Tuesday, July 4th in observance of the holiday.
          Session 1: June 5 - June 24 - ENROLLMENT CLOSED Session 2: June 24 - July 15 - ENROLLMENT OPEN

          CAMP HOURS
          The hours of Summer Camp (Monday - Friday) are as follows:
          9:00 am - 3:30 pm 8:00 am - 9:00 am 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

          *Parents may begin drop-off 10 minutes prior to camp start time.


          SESSION 1 (6/5 - 6/24): ENROLLMENT CLOSED
          SESSION 2 (6/26 - 7/15):
          Disney's "The Lion King", Jr. (Ages 5-10) DreamWorks' "Madagascar", Jr. (Ages 5-10)
          "The Addams Family" (Ages 11-18) "Guys & Dolls", Jr. (Ages 11-18)
          SHOWS: June 22, 23, 24
          SHOWS: July 13, 14, 15


          Students bring their lunch and any snacks or drinks that they would like to eat during break times. We will not have a refrigerator available, so please put the lunch into a cooler bag. Healthy snacks and beverages will be available for purchase during breaks.

          **To view images of the venue at Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, CLICK image:

          Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre's Summer Camp 2017 will be held at Boca Raton's Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center!  The Center is located at 201 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432.  Our performances will take place in the 'Black Box Theater', and students will spend time working in other spaces in which camp will take place.
          HERE is a link the Cultural Arts Center's website.  Mizner Park is located Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, two blocks north of Palmetto Park Road, conveniently minutes from I-95.  We are thrilled to have been invited to hold annual programming at MPCAC for our 4th year in South Florida. Parking is offered in metered street spots, free garages, and valet. RMCT's instructors are looking forward to our third year at Mizner Park, and to meeting and working with your children in just a few months.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality theatre arts programming, as well as life building skills that create the long-term healthy relationships that our students have grown accustomed to experiencing. We look forward to creating new memories with our students this summer and beyond.

          Mizner Park is an upscale lifestyle center in downtown Boca Raton, Florida, which is home to upscale shops,  apartments, and offices. The Center for the Arts at Mizner Park is a cultural center on the north end of the development, which is embodied by an amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of the Arts. The art museum, Victor's Antiques & Fine Arts, Addison Gallery and the luxurious iPic movie theater are the center's anchor stores, along with highly rated restaurants Max's Grille, Villagio, and Truluck's. Cooper Carry designed the architecture of Mizner as a Mediterranean revival town center.  The Cultural Arts Center was previously the Museum of Cartoon Art, and is now a wonderful space that hosts live theatre, music, lectures, and performing arts.

           Please refer to the "Parent Page" for Camp Day 1 audition information HERE. All camp registrants will receive an electronic packet by email in early to mid-May with all of the instructions and camper notices that are on this page, plus further individualized info specific to your student and family. *If your child is unable to attend the first day/s of camp for any reason (school or personal), we can arrange for an alternate audition/meeting with our Instructors/Directors (in-person or by video) and make every effort for them to be cast and involved without disruption to their participation.

          Campers will do everything that it takes to put on a show. The day is divided into several class blocks with rotating activities including: Acting, Music/Voice, Dance, Art, and Rehearsal. Group warm-ups and closings with the entire Camp will take place at the beginning and end of each day. Additionally, Theatre Games and Improv, as well as Specialty classes and Workshops round out the fun. Summer Camp 2017 with RMCT will be filled with dynamic theatre experiences.  Each student will participate in not one, but THREE performances of their production at the end of the session, which in addition to being the best and most fun part of camp, truly helps them expand on their self-confidence, conviction, and understanding of performing in front of an audience through repetition.  At the end of three weeks, audiences will be delighted with the productions that the students put on.


          (AGES 5-10
          )  DISNEY'S THE LION KING, JR.  -  
          This Broadway giant has captivated imaginations all over the planet & now brings the savannah to our stage. This coming-of-age tale follows young Simba’s trek of discovery within his kingdom, with friends and foes, through the ‘Circle of Life’.


          (AGES 11-18)   THE ADDAMS FAMILY  -  America’s favorite creepy, kooky, mysterious & spooky  family is back in the public eye with Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Wednesday, Cousin Itt, & a few new friends during the meeting of another (not so perfect) family one fateful night.

          (AGES 5-10
          Take a trip out of the zoo and into the jungle with our hilarious gang of escapee animals.  Follow the once-caged friends as their curiosity gets the better of them and they explore the world in an unexpected, wacky, madcap,  melodious  journey.

          (AGES 11-18)  GUYS & DOLLS, JR. -  From the heart of Times’ Square to the cafes of Havana, this immortal show, with its brassy score, is bustling with vivid & legendary characters; the upright and uptight ‘doll’, a slick, high-rolling gambler, a nightclub performer & many more.

          CAMP TUITION
          Payable Online, by Mail, or by Phone
          Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre's enrollment for students in our 2017 Performing Arts Summer Camp opened on 1/2/17.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis until sessions fill. Our goal is to provide a superior experience to all children and young adults interested in theatre and performing arts.  We are very competitively priced with other summer camps in the South Florida area, and provide an exceptional experience.  The following page will explain our tuition rates.


          We accept personal checks and all major credit cards as payment options for registration fees, deposit, and tuition balance.  Please make checks payable to: Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre (or RMCT). Registering online with an account will allow you to create payment preferences, as well as set-up automatic tuition payments for camp tuition balances.

          Summer camp tuition includes: all classes in the session, a child's camp t-shirt, a rehearsal script*, and a pizza party.  Please make sure to note shirt size on the Registration Form.  The tuition for Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre Summer Camp 2017 is as follows:

          Tuition Schedule:

          Tuition for 1 Session: $900
          Tuition for 2 Sessions: $1,775 ($25 Multiple Sessions discount)                           


          Deposit for Summer Camp is due upon enrollment.  There is a NON-refundable deposit (this is part of the total tuition, not in addition to the tuition amount) for the session the child is enrolling in.  This deposit is a reservation of space in the Summer Camp program for your child.  The remainder of the tuition must be paid on or before the date of May 15, 2017 in order to guarantee your child's space in camp.  The deposit can be paid by personal check or credit card (credit/debit card only if registering online).
          There will be NO refunds for any portion of the tuition after the first day of our annual Summer Camp program begins. 
          *Refunds of any portion of the deposit will NOT be given due to subsequent familial scheduling choices, or due to any Directorial casting choices at any point in time.

            Deposit for 1 Session:  $250 Deposit for 2 Sessions: $450  (+$50 deposit reduction)


            We will provide before and aftercare for students, in an effort to make camp practical for working & busy parents.  During this time, students will be involved in games, entertainment, and stage crafts.  You may use these services on an as-needed basis.  On the registration form or during online registration, there is a space provided for parents to give a general estimate of the hours and frequency with which they think that their child will be spending in AM and PM Extended Hours.  This does not need to be exact, but it helps to give us a general idea of how we should plan to staff these hours.  A bill for extended hours will be sent home each Friday, and should be paid the following Monday.  As for the last Friday of each session, we expect that payment for prior hours used will be sent by mail.  The rates for extended hours are as follows:

            AM - Before Camp (8:00- 9:00): PM - After Camp (3:30-5:30):
            $7.00 per hour (charged in 1/2 hour increments) $7.00 per hour (charged in 1/2 hour increments)

            *There will be a $1.00 per minute charge for each minute after 5:30 a child is left in PM Extended Hours, (during non-emergency circumstances.)

            There is a registration fee of $25.00 per student for Summer Camp, which is due upon deposit.

            RMCT offers a sibling discount as follows:

            2nd Child:  $25.00 off tuition 3rd Child:  $50.00 off tuition 4th Child: $75.00 off tuition
              *(sibling discounts are per session, so you can receive increased sibling discounts for multiple sessions)

                Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre offers tuition discounts to children of Mizner Park business owners and staff.  We are pleased to be able to serve the families who are part of the Mizner community!  The tuition rates for these children are as follows:

                Tuition for 1 Session:                                        $875 ($25 Mizner discount)                                      
                Tuition for 2 Sessions: $1,725 ($75 *Mizner & Multiple Sessions discounts)

                EDUCATOR DISCOUNTS

                Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre offers tuition discounts to children of public and private school faculty & staff members.  We appreciate the value that teachers and administrators bring to our community!  The tuition rates for these children are as follows:

                Tuition with Educator (School Staff / Faculty) discount:
                Tuition for 1 Session:                                                $875 ($25 Educator discount)
                Tuition for 2 Sessions:

                $1,725 ($75 *Educator & Multiple Sessions discounts)

                  INTRODUCING OUR NEW:   Referral Rewards Program

                  Is your child a returning camper in 2017?  If yes, then you are eligible for our Referral Rewards Program. RMCT is excited to announce this new discount to previous campers!  We appreciate your patronage and compliments. A REFERRAL IS THE BEST COMPLIMENT THAT YOU CAN GIVE TO A SMALL BUSINESS ORGANIZATION!  For each student that marks your name on their registration form in the space that states, “How did you hear about RMCT?”, you will receive one $25 Reward*.  Let us know if you think one of your friends would like a camp brochure mailed to them.

                  *$25 reward is applicable for families returning to RMCT, good for up to four $25 rewards total, per new student registered (never enrolled in RMCT programming) for a camp session they enroll in, new camper registration form must specify you as their referral source at time of enrollment, reward deducted from tuition balance, not deposit.

                  ENROLLMENT FORMS
                  Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre has two forms for parents to fill out: a Registration Information Form, and a Parental Permission Form. These forms need to be completed upon enrollment, as they are important for processing purposes.  If you are registering online, the Registration Information Form will be completed during the registration process, and you must sign and return only the paper copy of the Parental Permission Form.  If you are registering by mail (or making deposit by phone), you must print and complete the Combination Registration Information Form & Parental Permission Form.  If you are enrolling more than one child, please fill out separate forms for each child.
                  WHERE TO RETURN COMPLETED FORMS  (and/or check payment by mail)
                  Please print, fill out, and sign forms and fax, mail, or scan and email them.
                  FAX: (720) 306-2445
                  MAIL:  Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre / 170 NE 2nd Street, #1806 / Boca Raton, FL 33429
                  SCAN/EMAIL: Contact@RMCTonline.com


                  If you would like for us to email the forms to you, please send us an email and let us know your email address.

                  for families registering by mail or phone

                  click here to download form

                  for families registering ONLINE

                  click here to download form

                  for students with allergies / medical concerns
                  (**NOTE: It is only necessary to complete & return this form if your child has allergies or medical concerns (other than medication allergies)).

                  click here to download form