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Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class|Denver, CO|Boca Raton, FL|Naperville, IL

Fall 2019 Sessions Begin in September!

Enrollment is Now Open

Exceptional, Extraordinary, Unprecedented Training
for the Young Actor in South Florida


CLASS LOCATION:  We Rock The Spectrum, Boca Raton


Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is excited to announce our Fall 2019 session of Acting Classes for children ages 5 to 18.  We recognize a hunger for intensive and dynamic training programs for children and teens interested in theatre arts, and look forward continuing to provide the best performing arts programming to the South Florida youth community.

  ACTORS CONSERVATORY: Fall 2019 Session
  AGES:  11-18
  DAYS:  Mondays, One Session, 10-Weeks (30 Classroom Hours)
  TIMES:  5:00pm-8:00pm
  FALL 2019 SESSION: September 30 through December 9

  TUITION:  $525.00



This year, we are thrilled to announce Fall 2019-2020 Conservatory Classes with our study of Classical acting as the foundation for film and TV acting. Our students will continue learning and expanding on the concept of acting deep emotional truth through intensive character development.

Our Artistic Director has been teaching for 25 years, and in this time, he has developed a successful strategy for helping every student realize how crucial classical training is to create a successful life as a professional actor.

Actors Conservatory Class will focus on our acclaimed intensive Actors Conservatory Program, designed to foster the young actor's creative process. Conservatory is the place for the aspiring actor to develop a reliable process of working in film, television and theatre. This is our 7th year of working with young artists in south Florida and we have never been more motivated to help bring new actors from our organization into the professional world. When our students learn to act verse, learn how to create neutral mask for truthful acting in front of the camera, and learn how to comprehend the text which inform a truthful memorable character, the student develops the ability to act anything. Students finish this 10 week intensive course with an emotional, physical, and intellectual transformation.  We will work on scenes from movies, TV shows, and classical plays.

Actors Conservatory Class is a course for those who aspire to be future professional actors. We provide intensive training, with focus ranging from Shakespeare to Sondheim (as the class is named aptly on the focus of the work), from movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  Conservatory training is an ongoing process; its purpose is to prepare young actors for the stage, film, and TV. 

All students enrolled in this class will be equally involved in a showcase of scenes and monologues on the final day of the session (see schedule).

Each session, we choose a challenge for the students to focus on.  We find that Shakespeare as a foundation for growth in the work accelerates our students' understanding of the artistic process, propelling them to unbelievable heights in their work.  This year's Conservatory Class will be special, for we have students at every experience level.  All are at the right place to learn!  This ensemble is ready to take a professional leap.  Come be a part of this exceptional work.  It will change your life forever! 

  ACTING 101, FALL 2019  
  AGES: 5-10
  DAYS:  Mondays, Two 5-Weeks Sessions

  TIMES:  3:00pm-5:00pm (10 classroom hours per session)

  FALL SESSION 1:  September 30 through October 28
  FALL SESSION 2:  November 4 through December 9
$225 per 5-week session (discount for both sessions)

This year, we are thriled to announce Fall 2019 Conservatory Classes with our study of a variety of popular Broadway plays and musicals of itnerest to our youngest actors. Our students will continue learning and to keep expanding on the concept of acting and character development.

This fun Class is for the creative child who is determined to be on stage.  Successful actors and performers start off on the stage learning how to be comfortable in their own skin so that they can begin to play the roles of other people. Our students learn that the creative process is not exclusively for some mysterious group of humans, but rather it is a simple and fun filled skill set that everyone should learn. We start the Class with creative dramatics, and by teaching students a number of exercises and games to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others. After we create this safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building and creating characters for the stage. Acting 101 Class is magical, fun and necessary for every young actor.

All students enrolled in this class will be equally involved in the plays/showcases with a speaking role worthy of one’s skillset.

**Each Student will perform in a showcase during the final class of each 5-week session, so 10/28 and 12/9.

FALL SESSION 1 - Creating Masks for Performance:  We start this Class with creative physical comedy and mask work. Yes, we will be making masks out of plaster and found objects, using the masks to create character and performing on stage with new found mask and movement skills. Working with mask truly helps the young student to manage and get over the fear of performing in front of others, and too, teaches leadership skills needed for public speaking.  After we create a safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building and creating characters for the stage. We apply the character work in scenes appropriate for the student’s age.  Finally, after five weeks of training, we will have a showcase of the work that we explored in class to celebrate new found skills by our young actors.

FALL SESSION 2 - Creating a Show from Scratch:  We start the Class with creative dramatics which include introducing the young actor to the idea that stories are everywhere and that performing on a stage is the literal version of storytelling. We begin by teaching students exercises and games to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others.  After we create this safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building for creating characters for the stage and we show them how that character progresses as their stories progress. We apply the character work in a story created by the group.  Finally, after five weeks of training, we showcase the new play created to celebrate their newfound skills.

*We will also be incorporating popular childrens musicals into these two class sessions, where students chose and perform in scenes from some of the most beloved children's musicals such as Matilda, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty & the Beast, & More!

Taught by RMCT's Founder & Artistic/Education Director, Anthony Hubert.  This class is appropriate for both students who are new to acting, and for those who have taken Acting 101 in the past - this class is never a repeat!  After two to three years of Acting 101, the student is usually ready to continue their training in Actors Conservatory Class.

Ages: 18+
Location:  Beginning this Fall 2019, More Details T.B.A.
Contact RMCT with your interest NOW to be the first to know about our upcoming Adult Acting Series!


All enrollment and forms are to be completed during the online registration process.

* Note: Class tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid in full on or before the first day your child attends class.

If you are paying in person, please contact the City in advance to check for availability first.

*Since this is an ongoing class schedule, your child may begin after the first day of scheduled classes (check with the us for pro-ration discounts).  Please contact the RMCT to confirm space availability.