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Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class|Denver, CO|Boca Raton, FL|Naperville, IL

Fall 2017 Sessions Begin Monday, Sept. 18, Enroll NOW!

Exceptional, Extraordinary, Unprecedented Training
for the Young Actor in South Florida



CLASS LOCATION:  Boca Raton Community Center
East Boca, 150 Crawford Boulevard, Boca Raton FL 33432 (across from new library, MAP)

QUESTIONS: Call us for anything regarding classes, instruction, etc. (888) 344-3465
Call the City of Boca Raton for enrollment questions or instructions (561) 393-7807

*Through the City's website (link below) or at any of their 3 Community Centers.

Class information is below, and our Staff at RMCT is happy to help you with anything,
but since this is a City of Boca Raton program,
all enrollment is through the City starting 5 weeks prior to the first class.
It is on a first-come, first-serve basis until classes fill. Click on logo for registration:

Take me to REGISTER (starting in August, or setup family account before that if you don't currently have one)
Take me to see all City CLASS Offerings (search 'acting' then find 'rocky mountain')

Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is excited to announce our Fall 2017 session of Acting Classes for children ages 5 to 18.  We recognize a hunger for intensive and dynamic training programs for children and teens interested in theatre arts, and look forward continuing to provide the best performing arts programming to the South Florida youth community.

  AGES:  11-18
  DAYS:  Mondays, One Session, 10-Weeks (30 Classroom Hours)
  TIMES:  5:00pm-8:00pm
  FALL 2017 SESSION: September 18 - December 4 
(*no class 10/9 & 11/20)
  TUITION:  $475.00 
(resident / $582.50 non-resident)
  *Ongoing Rolling Pro-Rated Enrollment for this Class


THEME FOR FALL 2017 CLASS: Standards for Film Work

Conservatory will focus on the acting training you need to be a young professional working actor. Building off of our successful year of getting our young actors in front of Nickelodeon, we understand that learning a process of creating character,auditioning well, and knowing at a young age the work required to be a young professional on NICK, DISNEY, and ABC family channels is what the networks are looking for in their young talent search. They know who we are and who our students are, and our commitment is to train young artists in the tools of the art of storytelling. During our spring Conservatory session we will put the new learned skills into a showcase performed by the students. We will also invite the reputable youth agencies to our production.

We are flexible and attending every rehearsal is not mandatory, but encouraged to truly appreciate the quality of the growth you will experience working with our professional Director. We will hold informal auditions on the first day of class, read through the show, workshop several scenes, and cast the show based on the day’s work and the student’s creativity and ability (or capacity and motivation for growth) on that first day. Students who might miss the first day can arrange for an alternate or video meeting / introduction to ensure proper placement into our project). All students enrolled in this class will be equally involved in the production with a speaking role worthy of one’s skillset; 'you cannot get better in your art if you don’t learn to walk and talk at the same time when the stakes are high and it really counts' is the philosophy here. The students will build a foundation upon which all great actors build their artistic expression; to learn to act his work professionally, will guarantee the young artist the confidence necessary for a successful career in ART.

This is an intensive Actors Conservatory Program, designed to propel a young actor's creative process forward. We provide training in the style of collegiate conservatory with focus ranging from classical acting to movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  We provide Conservatory training, with focus ranging from Shakespeare to movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  Individual classes will examine emotional truth and process, and scale for the stage; its purpose is to prepare young actors for being confident in their role on stage while learning how to embody their character..  It is crucial to understand that those who aspire to professional status cannot grow without regular application of the above.  Conservatory training is an ongoing process; its purpose is to prepare young actors for the stage, film, and t.v. 

Conservatory has proven to be a very beneficial class for our young adult students.  There are many, many success stories of students who have trained with Anthony Hubert, our Artistic Director, who then enter the professional world with the skills necessary for achievement as a well-qualified actor in the business.  Each year we choose a challenge for the students to sink their acting chops into, with a showcase at the end of the 10-week session.  We find that Shakespeare as a foundation for growth in the work accelerates our students' understanding of the artistic process, propelling them to unbelievable heights in their work.  Every level of acting right place to start - we have students at every level of training!  Come and be a part of this exceptional work.  It will change your life forever!

  ACTING 101 
  AGES: 5-10
  DAYS:  Mondays, Two 5-Weeks Sessions

  TIMES:  3:00pm-5:00pm (10 classroom hours per session)

  FALL SESSION 1:  September 18 - October 21 
(*no class 10/9)
  FALLSESSION 2: October 28 - December 4 
(*no class 11/20)
  *Registration is now open

$200 (resident per session / $250 non-resident per session)

This fun Class is for the creative child who is determined to be on stage.  Successful actors and performers start off on the stage learning how to be comfortable in their own skin so that they can begin to play the roles of other people. Our students learn that the creative process is not exclusively for some mysterious group of humans, but rather it is a simple and fun filled skill set that everyone should learn. Acting 101 Class is magical, fun and necessary for every young actor.


2017 FALL SESSIONS 1 & 2 FOCUS:  How fun is it to make your own sketch TV show? We will take our young actors and teach them all the improv games that make characters so fun to create and then we will make it a young Saturday night live style comedy show. This five week class will begin with improv swing into sketch comedy and finish with a short Creation the kids make themselves to showcase all their character work for family and friends. (*each 5-week session covers different material and themes)

Winter 2018 Session Focus:  We start the Class with creative physical comedy. We have created shows out of thin air in the past using the group coloring exercise (floating paper) to explore what the students need to create a story from their imagination, but this time we will use the character mask to create our original show. Physical comedy is the celebration of improvisation at its best. The goal is not to be funny but to have fun by saying “YES” and being truthful to the scenario you find yourself creating. The mask can be the most truthful form of expression on a stage; it also allows the creative child to realize that creativity and art is everywhere, and by teaching students several exercises and games using the mask to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others and also expand their skill of what they do on stage will unlock a whole new world of exploration for the creative student.  After we create this safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building and creating characters for the stage. We apply the character work in scenes appropriate for the students' age.   Finally, after five weeks of training, we've created a show out of the work that we explored in class, and we put on a showcase to celebrate new found skills.

Spring 2018 Session Focus:  We start this class by taking all the creative skills your student has experienced all year no matter where they worked last, whether with us or somewhere else, and we focus on stories being everywhere and the student’s creative awareness of being open to ‘the story’ in everyday life. We will use Mask, Physical Character Development, created artwork to create an original acting piece of movement and spoken word. The idea of this final class before we go into Summer Camp and the mass production of scripted Broadway Shows is to show the young student that every artist creates from life experiences. Our whole class is focused on the young student embracing the true creator within themselves, and they will be a major part of this final production of the year whether its writing some part of the short play we create or making a mask or a costume to wear in the production we create from the creative dramatics exercises we use in class.  Creative dramatics teaches the young actor exercises and games to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others.  We have mastered this technique and after we create a safe environment in which the student can explore, we will create a show together out of which your child will have positive experiences and new found communication skills that will change their life forever.

We start the Class with creative dramatics, and by teaching students a number of exercises and games to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others. After we create this safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building and creating characters for the stage. We apply the character work in scenes appropriate for students' age.  Finally, after five weeks of training, we've created a show out of the work that we explored in class, and we put on a showcase to celebrate new found skills.

Taught by RMCT's Founder & Artistic/Education Director, Anthony Hubert.  This class is appropriate for both students who are new to acting, and for those who have taken Acting 101 in the past - this class does not repeat!  After two to three years of Acting 101, the student is usually ready to continue their training in Actors Conservatory Class.

Ages: 18+
Location: East Boynton Beach, FL, Beginning this Winter 2018, More Details T.B.A.
Contact RMCT with your interest NOW to be the first to know about our upcoming Adult Acting Series!


All enrollment and forms are to be completed through the City of Boca Raton

You can register as a City resident, or non-resident.
Registration is EITHER in-person OR online with an account with the City of Boca Raton.  Here is their contact info:
COMMUNITY CENTER ADDRESS:  Boca Raton Community Center / 150 Crawford Boulevard / Boca Raton, FL 33432

ONLINE: http://www.ci.boca-raton.fl.us/pages/rec-services/online-program-registration
CITY'S PHONE: (561) 393-7807
CALL US WITH QUESTIONS: (561) 962-1570

* Note: Class tuition must be paid in full on or before the first day your child attends class.

If you are paying in person, please contact the City in advance to check for availability first.

*Since this is an ongoing class schedule, your child may begin after the first day of scheduled classes (check with the City for pro-ration discounts).  Please contact the City to confirm space availability.