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Hello, Families & Friends of RMCT:

This has been an Extra-Ordinary year for our organization, filled with great challenges and too great successes. As many of you know, Jamie is our main administrator, and she has been ill for several years, and too, this year her illness has caught up to her and affected her ability to work with our organization. So, first I would like to thank all of you who were aware of this fact and sent messages of good health and compassion to her as she struggles through her illness.  

Second, I have been working on starting a NonProfit for a few years, and with the help of Sophie Proulx, a dedicated mother and longtime supporter of RMCT, we have filed and submitted our paperwork to the IRS to officially begin HUBERT ARTS FOUNDATION INC., with the expressed purposes of soliciting community members to donate to our cause of securing funding for underprivileged youth who desire to take part in performing Arts, and too, to search for a benefactor or group of benefactors who can help us secure a permanent theatre space  for RMCT programming and new programming under the HUBERT ARTS FOUNDATION INC.

Our mission is to support the community and its youth by teaching and mentoring youth through the power of the liberal Arts: Theatre, Music, Dance, Poetry, Visual Arts, and Architecture. It has been my experience after dedicating my life to developing youth through RMCT programming these past 14 years that every time we begin to grow, we are forced to move and start over rebuilding the student population in a new space that we had to fight tooth and nail to secure. People need stability and consistency. I understand this fact, and I will dedicate my time to achieving a more secure and permanent space through our new foundation. I have learned in my life that no one stands alone. No one achieves great accolades by themselves. We are all here together not by chance but because we need each other to survive and to thrive. I know that everything that I have achieved has been because of those who stood by me and kept me going when I needed encouragement and who applauded my resolve when I traversed great peril. Well, today I need you, my friends and family to embark on this new journey of faith and belief in what we are capable of achieving as a community. I need you to donate to our cause.

We are starting our capital campaign right now in this letter. My goal is to raise $250,000 in a calendar year which is a tremendous task, and I must start somewhere, so I’m starting here with you. I know some of you are fundraisers and I need your help. I know some of you have put together silent auctions and raised money for alternate causes, and I’m counting on you. I know that some of you are very active in helping charitable organizations meet their yearly fundraising goals through personal gifts or on the ground canvasing to support their efforts, and I’m truly counting on you to do this for us.

Most of you know who I am and believe in me and what I represent as a father, an educator, a husband, and a mentor to some of your children. I do not take this role lightly. I am driven to show the world that compassion, community, fortitude, peace, empathy, and sacrifice are our best Human traits. And, we are at our best when we lead with those traits guiding our decisions concerning others.

Please donate to our cause. Support our new Foundation. Help me offer the same quality of education and experiences to deserving youth who would never know these gifts we teach without your support. Again, our goal is to raise $250,000.00; your donation is tax deductible; our donation information can be found below. Thank you for your time, consideration, and ongoing support. Please reach out to me with any questions on my personal cell at 303-406-3004. 

-Anthony Hubert

Contributions to Hubert Arts Foundation, a NonProfit under the 501(c)(3) Section
of the I.R.S. code, 
are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.