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Here are some monologue suggestions for audition preparations. Preparation is the best way to have a stress-less audition.  We want your child's experience to be fun and positive.

Here is a SAG-AFTRA guide to creating an ACTORS RESUME.

Here is another guide created by RMCT with tips on creating a CHILDS ACTOR RESUME.

The Following are suggestions for monologues.  They are from a website called WhySanity.net.  They are in no way the only monologues that a child can use for an audition, merely a reference.  Monologues should be about one minute.  There are many more monologues on the internet and in specialty books, that are not part of movies.  This particular website also has many more, but the ones here were all deemed appropriate for youth auditions.  Feel free to be creative.  

Here is a PDF list we've prepared of audition suggestions for younger students, mostly middle school and younger: MONOLOGUES - **Valuable Resource for Children's Audition Monologues, many of them with a wide array of dramatic and comedic content for a range of ages, abilities, and character types


101 Dalmatians click here
Aladdin click here
Antz click here
Charlie Brown click here
A Cinderella Story click here
E.T. click here
Finding Nemo click here
A Little Princess click here
Muppet Movie click here
Ratatouille click here
School of Rock click here
Willy Wonka click here
Wizard of Oz click here
Wizard of Oz click here
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown click here


10 Things I Hate About You click here
Back to the Future click here
City Slickers click here
Election click here
Freaky Friday click here
Goonies click here
Happy Gilmore click here
Jurassic Park click here
Lord of the Rings click here
Lord of the Rings click here
Mean Girls click here
Million Dollar Baby click here
Million Dollar Baby click here
Mommy Dearest click here
Pirates of the Caribbean click here
Princess Diaries click here
Robin Hood click here
Shawshank Redemption click here
Spiderman click here
Spiderman click here
Superman click here
To Kill a Mockingbird click here
Tuck Everlasting click here
Waiting for Guffman click here
Waiting for Guffman click here


Do you have a favorite monologue that you've used?  We want to know!