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Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class|Denver, CO|Boca Raton, FL|Naperville, IL


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We at RMCT support high school students in the pefrorming arts with their goals and dreams, specifically for parents who are interested in the ways in which we support and aid your child's journey from teengae student attending and growing as an actor and creative mind in our theatre arts classes & camps all, the way through the college selection, application, audition, funding/aid, and finally decisions process, which we realize can be such an overwhelming and complex system presenting many unknown factors.

Our Founder & Artistic Director, Anthony Hubert, has worked as a Professor of Theatre, and additionally held the position of a Department Head of Recruiting, Auditions, & Merit-Based Aid.

Many of our beloved Staff Members, Alumni, & Students have been admitted to and attended some of the nations and worlds best Colleges, Universities, and Conservatories, and every year we look forward to working with the next group of matriculating students to focus their dreams and make them realities, however that vision is accomplished.

We know what schools are looking for, and we can HELP you navigate from IDEA to SUCESS & ACHIEVEMENT!