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See below to note the breakdown of 'double cast' shows and their respective performance dates and times, if you are attending to see a particular performer in either our July performance of "Doctor Dolittle" or "Legally Blonde" (Colorado only) or "Into the Woods" (Florida only).  If you purchase a ticket for a cast performance in which your child is listed below, it's impossible to purchase for the wrong show. When selecting tickets on our website, there is a drop-down menu showing the times labeled correctly for each the casts. 

DENVER, CO Session 2 Double Cast Shows:
"DOCTOR DOLITTLE" is the only show with a partial double cast.  All students will be performing in all 4 shows, and all students have the same role in all 4 shows, except the following 12 students, who play their main role in the show listed below and an alternate ensemble role in the other two shows.
CAST LLAMA:  Vince M., Oliver G., Zach K., Ella S., Campbell M., Cassidy S.
CAST PARROT:  Eli M., Eleanor H., Elijah W., Ava F., Davianna C., Tully C.
All "LEGALLY BLONDE" Shows are completely double cast, so if you are attending to see a particular cast member, please purchase according to the following list:
CAST PURPLE:  Taylor C., Ethan D., Braidy K., Kara H., Ryan S., Giselle A., Ashley R., Angelina O., Addy O., Zoe H., Abby M., Gianna M., Emily M., Annie S., Ariel S., Vincent B., Laura W., Jennifer S.
Pink Cast:  Madison C., Tommy P., Alex M., Maggy D., Lucy F., Tiffany W., Brianna R., Peter B., Victoria P., Ava L., Emily P., Francisca G., Amanda J., Jacqueline D., Lindsey D., Andy H., Dash H.

BOCA RATON, FL Session 2 Double Cast Shows:
We are going to be double casting some roles and adding 3 performances of “Into the Woods”, in order to make an opportunity for more students to take on more responsibility playing their characters on stage.  The information here is posted online, from a link on the “Parent Page” in case your child is in one of the roles that differs per performance, and you forget during which shows your child is performing as their main role in. The following students listed below will play their main role in their respective cast.

CAST A: Melanie A., Sabrina M., Erin N., Savannah H., Natasha C., Gabrielle N., Sadie F., Hailey H., Emily N.
CAST B: McKenzie W., Emma Y., Andrea P., Trace B., Maya P., Francesca S., Samantha S., Katelyn S.

Please ask if if you have any questions about which shows to attend/purchase tickets for.  Sorry if this is somethwat confusing, it is just our experience that by doing this arrangement with casting and show participation, it is the most ideal way to give each and every student the most chances for a tremendous learning experience to all students.