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Covid Updates & News Info

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Covid Updates & News Info

2020 SUMMER CAMP: Updates & News 
COVID & Camp Info for Parents, Famlies, & Students


Most Current Update: 4/26/20 (& Below)
SUMMER CAMP PARENT INFO: New Updates & Details Related to Summer Camp will be published online for all of our families and prospective families as soon as we receive any new information from National, State, and Local Health Professional Agencies, and please be assured that these updates will be available to you as soon as we make any new details available, and if decisions of any kind were necessitated by a sudden change in status to any of the long-term planned arrangements to our current 2020 Summer programming.
4/1/20: Camp Early Deposit Discount Extended & New Automatic Camp Tuition Discount Info
  • As of Today, 4/1/20, we are still accepting enrollment into all of our Summer Camp 2020 Sessions, with Session 1 set to begin on Monday, June 1, and Session 2 on June 22
  • We have extended our Summer Camp 2020 Early Deposit Discount from $25 to $50 per session until May 1st, combinable for multiple sessions and multiple children per family
  • In light of these stressful times, we have added a discount of $100 off of each camp session, which can be combined for multiple sessions per child and multiple children per family, and will be automatically applied to any of the camps you select
4/25/2020 Summer Camp News & Response to COVID-19 Realities
We want to start out by saying that we have all our RMCT families in our thoughts during this unprecedented time.  We hope that you have been staying healthy and safe and continuing your work through the end of the school year.  There are only five more weeks of School. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.

As to the issue of summer camp and the present issues that must be dealt with in holding camp, we will be following local, state, and national guidelines in both medical and public health advisory as well as the areas of executive government, set forth by the controlling regulatory agencies at the top of the fields, and continuing our goal to have RMCT Summer camp starting on June 1st. We know this is ambitious, but we believe we are able to create a safe space where our students can remain healthy and have another amazing summer experience on our stage.  Our Governor has cautiously pursued a reopening of certain venues, and in the next five weeks, we believe we can be in step with the state in providing the powerful summer camp experience our families have grown to love.

We want to support our community as much as possible and adapt along with the times.  If we must push back programming, we will find a way to make that happen and work with our space to accommodate us and our shows.  We are looking at the option of being able to have summer camp online.  Although not ideal, we know we can create the best safe summer camp experience possible for our campers and our families.

From, Anthony Hubert
4/26/2020: More From RMCT's Founder & Artistic Director

Dear Families,

As an organization run by parents that has been responsible for thousands of camper’s summer experiences over the last 14 years, RMCT considers the health and safety of our campers, families and staff to be our top priority. In addition to our longstanding and rigorous  Safety procedures and staff training protocols, we are following the latest guidelines on health and safety, cleaning and preparedness from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the local departments of health where we operate camps, in addition to specific guidance from the American Camp Association as well as the Association of Camp Nursing.  As information is changing quickly, we are regularly reviewing and updating our policies to ensure that we stay current with CDC/local recommendations to keep our campers and staff safe. Based on Colorado’s competent response to COVID19, we currently foresee no interruptions to our summer schedules, but I know you may have questions as camp approaches in the next 5 weeks. Visit our RMCT page for more information about how we plan to support a healthy camp environment, including stepped-up cleaning protocols, social distancing strategies, sick policies and health screenings. WE also intend to provide a virtual screening of the camp day so that campers involved from a distance can take part in the summer camp experience. We will be updating our web page—and you—as information evolves and camp draws near. While we understand that your planning this year may feel uncertain, the RMCT community is here to support you every step of the way, as we have supported our parents for 14 years now and are so grateful to have always had that opportunity. We cannot wait to spend a safe, healthy, joyful summer with our campers!


Anthony Hubert,
Founder & Artistic Director
Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre