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If you have an Extended Hours balance to pay (due each Monday for the previous week), you can do so HERE.  Bills that are not paid by the final day of the camp session will be charged to the card on file.  If you'd like for us to use the card on file for regular Extended Hours billing, just email us giving us authorization to do so.

If your child is in a show with a double cast (A & B), please reference the 'Cast Members" page before buying tickets.


CO Show Week Schedule Letter, Contest Updates LETTER
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Everyone enrolled in camp should have received an electronic packet by email in early to mid-May (or later if you registered past that point) with all of the pertinent info for their specific session, plus a family invoice, and links to our paperwork if you have not yet submitted the required forms (which are noted on the 'Important Info Form'.  Please contact us immediately if you have not yet received this packet and you still have forms to complete or a balance to pay.  If you have a balance to pay, and it it not setup for automatic card payment, you can do so HERE.  Below is the information that is included in the packet:
Monologue Sheets, Camp Auditions: click here to download file (pages 1-2 for IL, pages 3-4 for FL, pages 5-7 for CO)
If you have not completed any of the following forms, please do so and return to RMCT immediately:
CO Registration Form (phone registration) click here to download file
FL Registration Form (phone registration) click here to download file
IL Registration Form (phone registration) click here to download file
Permission Form (All Locations, online registration) click here to download file
Medical Information Form (only for those with a medical condition or severe allergy) click here to download file

More posts to come soon with specific letters that are sent home to camper families several times a week during camp.
THEME FOR FALL 2017 CLASS: Standards for Film Work

Conservatory will focus on the acting training you need to be a young professional working actor. Building off of our successful year of getting our young actors in front of Nickelodeon, we understand that learning a process of creating character,auditioning well, and knowing at a young age the work required to be a young professional on NICK, DISNEY, and ABC family channels is what the networks are looking for in their young talent search. They know who we are and who our students are, and our commitment is to train young artists in the tools of the art of storytelling. During our spring Conservatory session we will put the new learned skills into a showcase performed by the students. We will also invite the reputable youth agencies to our production.

We are flexible and attending every rehearsal is not mandatory, but encouraged to truly appreciate the quality of the growth you will experience working with our professional Director. We will hold informal auditions on the first day of class, read through the show, workshop several scenes, and cast the show based on the day’s work and the student’s creativity and ability (or capacity and motivation for growth) on that first day. Students who might miss the first day can arrange for an alternate or video meeting / introduction to ensure proper placement into our project). All students enrolled in this class will be equally involved in the production with a speaking role worthy of one’s skillset; 'you cannot get better in your art if you don’t learn to walk and talk at the same time when the stakes are high and it really counts' is the philosophy here. The students will build a foundation upon which all great actors build their artistic expression; to learn to act his work professionally, will guarantee the young artist the confidence necessary for a successful career in ART.

This is an intensive Actors Conservatory Program, designed to propel a young actor's creative process forward. We provide training in the style of collegiate conservatory with focus ranging from classical acting to movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  We provide Conservatory training, with focus ranging from Shakespeare to movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  Individual classes will examine emotional truth and process, and scale for the stage; its purpose is to prepare young actors for being confident in their role on stage while learning how to embody their character..  It is crucial to understand that those who aspire to professional status cannot grow without regular application of the above.  Conservatory training is an ongoing process; its purpose is to prepare young actors for the stage, film, and t.v. 

Conservatory has proven to be a very beneficial class for our young adult students.  There are many, many success stories of students who have trained with Anthony Hubert, our Artistic Director, who then enter the professional world with the skills necessary for achievement as a well-qualified actor in the business.  Each year we choose a challenge for the students to sink their acting chops into, with a showcase at the end of the 10-week session.  We find that Shakespeare as a foundation for growth in the work accelerates our students' understanding of the artistic process, propelling them to unbelievable heights in their work.  Every level of acting right place to start - we have students at every level of training!  Come and be a part of this exceptional work.  It will change your life forever!

                Thursday, 8/7

                     Friday, 8/8

Saturday, 8/9


2pm – Show (Cast B)

2pm – Show (Cast A)

6pm – Show (Cast A)

6pm – Show (Cast B)