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Theatre For Kids By Kids 


Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class|Denver, CO|Boca Raton, FL|Naperville, IL


at RMCT's The Jewel STAGE, 1895 S. Ogden, St., Denver, CO 80210 MAP

Only DENVER Tickets on Sale Now:
Special One-Day Only Theatrical Engagement of
Shakespeare's "The Tempest" on Saturday, April 10 @ 2:30pm

Public Invited, $10 per Ticket:
In Shakespeare’s romance, sorcery and love transmute vengeance into humility and humanity,
making it possible for all to return to a world made new by the power of forgiveness.
How Many Tickets?
Tickets are non-refundable & will-call only. No tickets will be sent through the mail.
Summer Show Tickets will go on sale in late April.