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See below to note the breakdown of Cast A & B performance dates and times if you are attending to see a particular performer in either of our July Colorado shows or in our July Florida production of "Guys & Dolls"; if you purchase a ticket for a cast performance in which your child is listed below (A & B), it's impossible to purchase for the wrong show.

FOR THE ADDAMS FAMILY ONLY:  Students are also encouraged to attend shows that they are not listed as performing in as chorus when able.
"The Lion King" CAST A  'GIRAFFE':
Lucy Feeney / Tully C. / Rosalie B. / Willa G. / Grace G. / Mairead H. / Ash H. / Ava P. / Raina L. / Abigail L. / Rafael M. / Ilana O. / Angelina O. / Kai V. / Zae V. / Elijah W. / Isaiah W. / Kaitlyn W. / Ashlynn C.
"The Lion King" CAST B 'ELEPHANT':
Lucy Fulk / Simona K. / Gavin F. / Oliver G. / Veronica H. / Alexa K. / Peter K. / Elijah M. / Lilian M. / Addison M. / Campbell M. / Cassidy S. / Lily S. / Hank T. / Conner W. / Cristina Y. / Gabriella Y. / Gannon J. / Garret J.
"The Addams Family" CAST A:
Greg A. / Sarah J. / Ariel S. / Eve S. / Luke J. / Maiyra R. / Taryn M. / Emma P. / Dylan E. / Akaylah R.
"The Addams Family" CAST B:
Micah O. / Annie S. / Rachel B. / Kyle D. / Abbi M. / Ariella B.N. / Dana O. / Gianna M. / Ethan D. / Ian G.
**The following 5 cast members will be performing in all 6 "Addams Family" performances in their main role:
Jesse G. / Claire F. / Melody R. / Alyssa Z. / Peter B.

"Guys & Dolls" CAST A:
Jack  M.  /  Gabrielle  N.  /  Lindsey  D.  /  Savannah  H.  /  Maxamillion  B.

"Guys & Dolls" CAST B:
Sabrina  M.  /  Samantha  S.  /  Calvin  Z.  /  Katherine  G.  /  Trace  B.
*All "Guys & Dolls" students will perform in all 4 productions of the show, but the students listed above will play their main role in the 2 productions of the listed cast and and an ensemble role in the alternate 2 productions.

Please ask if if you have any questions about which shows to attend/purchase tickets for.  Sorry if this is somethwat confusing, it is just our experience that by doing this arrangement with casting and show participation, it is the most ideal way to give each and every student the most chances for a tremendous learning experience to all students.