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Fall 2016 Session Begins on September 24: Enroll July 13!

Exceptional, Extraordinary, Unprecedented
for the Young Actor in Denver


*Discounts Available for Registration in Multiple Sessions, Siblings, & Educators* (see below)

CLASS LOCATION: Denver, CO 80210 - in the University neighborhood PHOTOS/DETAILS
(1895 S. Ogden St., The Jewel STAGE: a few blocks from University/Evans, DU vicinity) MAP

Call us for more info at: (303) 476-0222

Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is excited to announce our Fall 2016 session of Acting Classes for children ages 5 to 18.  We recognize a hunger for intensive and dynamic training programs for children and young adults interested in theatre arts, and look forward continuing to provide the best performing arts programming to the Colorado youth community.

  Syllabus T.B.A.   

  Ages: 11-18
Saturdays, 11:00am-1:50pm  (30 Classroom Hours)
  2016 Winter/Spring Session: 10 Weeks, late September through early December
(full payment due online, call us for payment plan options)

Early 2016 Session of our Actors Conservatory Class will focus on an abridged production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", which will culminate in a final performance on the last day of class (Saturday, 4/16).  DESCRIPTION Everything we love about Shakespearean comedy at it's finest—romance, music, poetry, laughter, swordplay, great characters, and even a girl in pants!—is in Twelfth Night, one of the Bard’s true comedic masterpieces. Shipwrecked and alone in foreign Illyria, young Viola masquerades as a boy and becomes the go-between for the lovesick Duke Orsino and the beautiful Countess Olivia. Soon Viola finds herself in the middle of a topsy-turvy love triangle with lunacy on every side. This stunning rendition of one of Shakespeare’s most perfect plays will leave cast members high-spirited and audiences delighted.

This is an intensive Actors Conservatory Program, designed to foster the young actor's creative process. It is a course for those who aspire to be future professional actors. We provide Conservatory training, with focus ranging from Shakespeare to movement to vocal exercises to stage combat and more.  Individual classes will examine emotional truth and process, and scale for the stage; its purpose is to prepare young actors for being confident in their role on stage while learning how to embody their character.  It is crucial to understand that those who aspire to professional status cannot grow without regular application of the above.  Conservatory training is an ongoing process; its purpose is to prepare young actors for the stage, film, and t.v.  This class will focus on the growth of the actors' process by using the techniques of Meisner, Stanislavaky, Uta Hagen, and La Coque.  We will be exploring both internal expression as well as physical techniques.

Conservatory has proven to be a very beneficial class for our young adult students.  There are many, many success stories of students who have trained with Anthony Hubert, our Artistic Director, who then enter the professional world with the skills necessary for achievement as a well-qualified actor in the business.  This year's Conservatory Class will be special, for we have students in their ninth, eighth, seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second, and first years of training.  All are the right place to start!  This ensemble is ready to take a professional leap.  Come and be a part of this exceptional work.  It will change your life forever!

FURTHER DETAILS:  This class will be mainly on the scheduled Saturdays, but there may be a few occasional Friday after-school classes, plus some Saturday rehearsals extended beyond the usual 3-hour session, just a handful or less towards the end of the session to prepare the students for the showcase. We will not hold a pre-session auditioning, and all students enrolled in this class/camp will receive a role in the show, which will be auditioned for and cast on the first day of the session. If your child is unable to attend the first class for any reason, please contact us to arrange for an alternate audition (meet and greet with the instructor/s), or meeting by Skype/video conference. Call or email us for any more information.  We are going to have a blast with this production, and we can't wait to get started!


  ACTING 101: Scene Study from Popular Children's Performances       
  Ages: 5-10

  Days: Saturdays, 9:00am-10:50am (2 hours/week, 10 class hours per 5-week session)
  2016 Fall Session 1: 5 Weeks, Late September through Late October

  2016 Fall Session 2: 5 Weeks, Early November through Early December

  TUITION: T.B.A. per session / T.B.A. discounted rate for both sessions
  (full payment due online, call us for payment plan options)

This fun Class is for the creative child who is determined to be on stage.  Successful actors and performers start off on the stage learning how to be comfortable in their own skin so that they can begin to play the roles of other people. Our students learn that the creative process is not exclusively for some mysterious group of humans, but rather it is a simple and fun filled skill set that everyone should learn. Acting 101 Class is magical, fun and necessary for every young actor.

We start the Class with creative dramatics, and by teaching students a number of exercises and games to help them get over the fear of performing in front of others. After we create this safe environment in which to explore, we begin skill building and creating characters for the stage. We apply the character work in scenes appropriate for students' age.

This class is geared towards the young actor who desires to perform at the level of the professional youth that they see on stage,  television, and the big screen today. As we have aided many students to work in film and television for Disney, Fox Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, material will be chosen for each actor individually with the idea that they are capable of learning performing techniques that will grow their confidence to equivalent levels of the actors they admire.  Examples of scenes will be from: Frozen, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Charlotte's Web, and many other classics.

Finally, after five weeks of training, we've created a show out of the work that we explored in class, and we put on a showcase to celebrate work completed on scenes studied.

Taught by RMCT's Founder & Artistic/Education Director, Anthony Hubert, as well as our Vocal Director Sam Garvin.  This class is appropriate for both students who are new to acting, and for those who have taken Acting 101 in the past - this class is never a repeat!  After two to three years of Acting 101, the student is usually ready to continue their training in Actors Conservatory Class.

*Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is an exclusively theatrical-based youth arts organization.  We are pleased to offer our programming at the wonderful space at Jewel Church, Denver, though we are not structurally affiliated with any religious organization.


Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre has two forms for parents to fill out: a Registration Information Form, and a Parental Permission Form. These forms need to be completed upon enrollment, and received by RMCT prior to the first day of class, as they are important for processing purposes.  If you are registering online, the Registration Information Form will be completed during the registration process, and you must sign and return only the paper copy of the Parental Permission Form.  If you are registering by mail (or making deposit by phone), you must print and complete the Combination Registration Information Form & Parental Permission Form.  If you are enrolling more than one child, please fill out separate forms for each child.

WHERE TO RETURN COMPLETED FORMS (and/or check payment by mail)
Please print, fill out, and sign forms and fax, mail, or scan and email them.
FAX:  (720) 306-2445
MAIL:   Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre / P.O. Box 17415 / Golden, CO 80402
SCAN/EMAIL:  Contact@RMCTonline.com

PAYMENTS If you have any questions about making a payment or filling out forms, please don't hesitate to call (303) 476-0222, or email us.

* Note: Class tuition must be paid in full on or before the first day your child attends class.
Classes are non-refundable.


Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is now accepting online payments for our 2016 Saturday Classes. Payments will be made through our secure payment processor.

You are able to send tuition payment and the Registration Information Form and Parent Permission Forms by mail.

Simply call us, and we will take care of your registration over the phone.

If you are paying in person, please print out both forms and bring them together with your check on the first day of class.  Please contact us in advance to check for availability and reserve your child's space on the class roster.

If you would like for us to email the forms to you, please send us an email and let us know your email address.

for families registering by mail
click here to download form

for families registering online

click here to download form

for students with allergies / medical concerns
**NOTE: It is only necessary to complete & return this form if your child has non-medication allergies or concerns.

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*There is no Registration Fee for our Saturday Classes!

*$25.00 Discount for Registration in Multiple Sessions, Siblings, or School Faculty/Staff Educator!  (Not Combinable)

*Since this is an ongoing class schedule, your child may begin after the first day of scheduled classes (slightly pro-rated).  Please contact us to confirm space availability.

CLASS LOCATION: Denver, CO 80210 - in the University neighborhood PHOTOS/DETAILS